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Bruce L. Bachelder, PhD
Morganton, NC

The Memory Span Experiment: A Behavioral Analysis
The Spans Question
Span Theory
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For 22 years we maintained full time independent professional practices at our home in Morganton, NC. In January 2004 we closed our practices, took down our sign, and started the next phase of our lives. More

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Recent Presentations

Ninth Annual Conference of the International Society for Intelligence Research-December, 2008
A theory of intelligence, III: A unifying alternative to cognitive science and mainstream behaviorism

2007 North Carolina Cognition Conference
The construct validity of memory span as a measure of intelligence

38th Annual Conference of the Society for Mathematical Psychology
Crucial errors in Miller's (1956) application of information metrics in a
comparison of the spans of absolute judgment and immediate memory

2005 North Carolina Cognition Group Conference
The spans question: Challenges to the memory interpretation of the "memory" span test

On "back burner" while I focus on span theory development:

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