Updated on February 18, 2005


The 2005 North Carolina Cognition Group Conference

On Saturday, February 19th, I made a presentation at the annual conference of the NC Cognition Group, at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC. Their program is available on the web.


The spans question asks, What is the nature of the three span limits, the so-called memory span, span of apprehension, and span of absolute judgment? The memory interpretation of the "memory" span test has been dominant in recent years, but in the past 130 years other conceptions have been common. The spans question has been addressed by the major schools of thought, each framing an answer in terms of its own paradigmatic point of view. Most interpretations have been memorial or attentional, but there are neurological, learning, and stimulus control interpretations. The presentation ends with a brief characterization of span theory, a radical behavioral answer to the spans question.

The full text of the presentation

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