Updated on May 4, 2009

On a Personal Note

In recent years we have become RV enthusiasts. In June of 2003 we bought our first motor home, a 1996, 33 foot, Winnebago Adventurer, and started camping on weekends. We liked it a lot and in November we traded it in for a 2004, 35 foot Adventurer. It is large enough that we can travel with our greyhounds. We've been to Michigan twice, Florida twice, Delaware once, and several camp grounds in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. We look forward to tours out west, to New York State, and to the Boston area to visit friends and family.

Judi and I also spend a good bit of time with our greyhounds, Ishaq, Deli, Kose, Sloopy, and Ron. They are "rescued" racers from Greyhound Friends Of North Carolina in Oak Ridge, NC, near Greensboro. Sloopy, however, came to us via a different route, having been found running loose and starving in Burke County, NC. Sadly, Simon, our first greyhound, developed cancer and died on February 13, 2006. Since then, Panzi and Bull have died. The greys travel with us almost everywhere. They go with Judi on errands and shopping trips, waiting patiently in the car. They particularly like traveling in the motorhome and have gone with us to Michigan, Florida, Delaware, Texas, Northern Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, upstate New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and more. They attract a lot of attention and it is particularly fun to see them all tumble eagerly out of the motorhome at walk times.

Judi and I also ride tandem bicycles ( a "bicycle built for two") and especially enjoy "rallies," where we get together with other tandem riders and have a good time for a weekend. We ride for fun, not racing, and we talk bikes and enjoy good food. Over the years we have ridden all over the southeast, through parts of Michigan and New York state and as far west as Texas.

We have two adult sons, Marshall and Aaron. Marshall is a visual artist and Aaron is a composer and performing musician.

Aaron earns his main living at the Enrichment Center in Winston-Salem, NC where he is responsible for the music program. He has several CDs available. He plays drum kit with Clare Fader & The Vaudevillains. They have CDs too.

Aaron has a daughter, Lilith, 9, and a stepdaughter, Violet, 6. Violet's mom is Heather, a fellow pet lover. Aaron and Heather have three dogs, Moxie, Emory ("Emmy"), and Callie. They also have several cats.